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How Dentists Color-Match Dental Crowns 

March 17, 2022

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shade guide used for dental crowns

Dental crowns come in all different types of materials; however, when a patient prefers a tooth-colored option, it requires dentists to work their magic to ensure it matches existing, natural tooth enamel. Learn how this process is performed and what it takes to perfectly blend together artificial and natural teeth for a seamless look.


How Long is the Retention Phase of Invisalign Treatment?

February 9, 2022

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clear aligner

Invisalign treatment does not end just because clear aligners are not continually switched out. Once patients are finished with their designated plan, they move into the retention phase, which means keeping teeth in their new position. Individuals curious as to how long it is necessary to wear a retainer after completing Invisalign will find the answer in this blog article.


How to Customize Invisalign Based On Your Needs

January 6, 2022

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woman inserting Invisalign aligner

Invisalign in Lake Zurich is considered one of the most versatile forms of orthodontic treatment on the market. Its SmartTrack technology allows for a comfortable fit and predictable results. Patients who desire straighter teeth often turn to clear aligners for a more aesthetically pleasing orthodontic option. Although customizable, individuals may find they only need aligners for the upper arch of teeth and not the bottom. In this article, we will discuss if this type of customization is possible and why it can pose a potential problem for the future.


Keeping Your Smile in Place: The Truth Behind Retainer Wear

December 17, 2021

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clear retainer and protective case

When completing treatment with Invisalign in Lake Zurich, many patients assume it’s all officially over. However, there is another component that must follow – retainer wear. The retention phase of treatment is crucial if individuals want to avoid undoing the months (or years) of hard work.  


Is It Possible for Children to Develop Gum Disease?

November 17, 2021

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child without gum disease in Lake Zurich

Gum disease in Lake Zurich is a common problem among adults, but it is also a potential issue in young patients. Children may not be the primary demographic for periodontal disease; however, their young smiles, their novice oral hygiene skills, and their often unhealthy snacking habits make them ideal targets for bad oral bacteria to accumulate and spread throughout the soft oral tissues.


How Much Does Scaling and Root Planing Cost?

October 12, 2021

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man undergoing scaling and root planing

The symptoms associated with gum disease worsen the longer a patient neglects treatment. As soon as inflammation, bleeding, and tenderness develop, it is recommended that individuals seek professional care to minimize the risk of more serious and complex care. But what can a person expect when it comes to scaling and root planing cost in Lake Zurich? This article will explain what a patient can expect when it comes to the financial investment as well as what is recommended to help avoid the need in the first place.


Do Gums Grow Back After Receding?

September 19, 2021

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receding gums

Gum disease in Lake Zurich is one of the most common oral health problems seen by dentists. With symptoms that range from minor bleeding to bone and tooth loss, it is necessary that these signs be addressed early on before gum recession has the chance to occur. Read on to discover why this happens and what a dental professional can do to seek treatment as well as prevent the development of gum disease.


Is It Possible to Prevent Gum Disease Through Exercise?

August 5, 2021

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Woman jogging on a trail

Regular exercise is widely known to help build strong bones and muscles, improve weight management, and increase the chance of living longer. Physical activity caries many hidden benefits; a variety of health risks are reduced with regular exercise including gingivitis and periodontitis. The link between gum disease and exercise in Lake Zurich may not be obvious at first glance.  


How to Practice Proper Brushing and Flossing with Braces

July 23, 2021

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Woman with braces brushing her teeth

Orthodontic treatment in Lake Zurich is an exciting time for patients transforming their smiles. However, when wearing braces, it is important to realize that the plaque and food particles, leading to cavities, now have additional nooks and crannies for accumulation. Thus, patients need to learn how to clean their braces properly by adjusting their brushing and flossing habits as needed. By following proper oral hygiene procedures, patients will be able to avoid serious oral health issues that could potentially complicate their orthodontic treatment. Below is a brief outline of the best practices to follow for brushing and flossing with braces in Lake Zurich.


Dentofacial Orthopedics: Helping Children Develop Strong Jaws

June 18, 2021

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Dental expander on a ceramic model

Orthodontists are closely identified with creating straight smiles for youth and adults. They also improve other aspects of oral health in children who suffer with jaw growth issues. Specifically, they can use dentofacial orthopedics to improve the position and dimensions of the facial bone and jaw – a practice that can prove vital for children who suffer from specific developmental problems. In the interest of oral health, parents should familiarize themselves with what dentofacial orthopedics is and what sort of treatments it might entail.

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