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Special Needs Dentistry – Lake Zurich, IL

Ensuring the Future of All Smiles

A special needs child in Lake Zurich requires additional time, patience, and special accommodations to receive the type of oral healthcare they require. While many dental offices cannot deliver on these requirements, our team at Grand Dental - Lake Zurich is always ready. Our calm and compassionate approach allows parents with special needs children to feel more relaxed and comfortable while their child receives necessary dental care to mitigate the potential for tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease, as they are at a much higher risk than other children. To schedule an appointment or discuss ways to ensure a successful dental appointment, contact us today.

Why Choose Grand Dental – Lake Zurich for Special Needs Dentistry?

Who Can Benefit From Special Needs Dentistry?

A child with special needs typically experiences impairments or conditions that stem from a developmental, physical, emotional, or behavioral issue. These disorders can make a regular dental checkup and cleaning difficult if a dentist is ill-prepared. However, our team can serve as a source of relief for parents who are struggling to help their child maintain better oral health. We can offer available services to any special needs child who may experience worsening dental problems as the result of:

What Happens During a Special Needs Visit?

Girl visiting pediatric dentist in Lake Zurich

When providing dental care for special needs in Lake Zurich, our team will take a specific approach to ensure children remain calm, comfortable, and appreciated. We will:

How Grand Dental – Lake Zurich Can Help Your Child With Special Needs

Boy with special needs in Lake Zurich

Dr. Shuran Liang is our board-certified pediatric dentist. Although he does not practice in the Lake Zurich office, parents can gain access to him should one of our other dental professionals recommend specialized treatment. His in-depth knowledge and skill surrounding patients with special needs make it much easier for him to identify problems early on and implement effective treatment strategies to improve the oral health and aesthetic smiles of children with a wide range of impairments and conditions.

What Is The Rainbow System?

Boy smiling in Lake Zurich

If a child requires additional assistance to remain still during a visit to our Lake Zurich dental office, we can use the Rainbow Stabilizing System. This includes a papoose board and specially designed wrap. It will hold your child in place comfortably while our team works to address dental issues and provide a thorough explanation of treatment. By using this unique stabilizing system, we can keep children safe and secure while they receive necessary dental care.