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Traditional Braces – Lake Zurich, IL

Proven Treatment for Complex Orthodontic Problems

Although other kinds of orthodontic treatment have become popular in recent years, traditional braces continue to be a reliable, time-tested option for realigning crooked teeth and correcting bites. Children and adults alike can benefit from these brackets and wires to achieve straighter smiles, which make cleaning easier and improve speech and chewing. Our in-house orthodontist at Grand Dental – Lake Zurich can personally help patients overcome their orthodontic issues by overseeing their treatment from beginning to end. Are you interested in learning how braces could be the best path toward a healthier, straight smile? Call us to schedule a consultation today.

Why Choose Grand Dental – Aurora for Traditional Braces?

How Do Traditional Braces Work?

Close-up of woman’s mouth with traditional metal braces in Lake Zurich, IL

Your teeth are attached to the jaw bone through small fiber-like tissues, which enable the teeth to have some degree of mobility. Metal brackets and wires can be attached to the teeth and apply slight, sustained pressure. Over time, this pressure causes the teeth to move slowly to a better position. About every 4 to 6 weeks, we need to adjust the wiring so that the braces keep exerting the precise and necessary force. 

Treatment with traditional braces typically takes between 18 months and three years. The type and complexity of corrections will affect this timeline, and during your consultation with us, we can give you a more specific estimate. Regardless of how long it takes even for complicated cases, our orthodontist is fully prepared to manage your treatment and give you a perfectly aligned smile.

What Orthodontic Issues Can Braces Fix? 

Young girl lying down and smiling with traditional metal braces in Lake Zurich, IL

Unlike clear aligners, traditional braces are known for their ability to correct many common orthodontic problems, even severe ones. Here are some examples of situations that may necessitate traditional braces:

Bite Misalignment

In addition to complicating eating, an uneven bite may cause excessive enamel wear for certain teeth and other oral health issues. Whether you have an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or another jaw alignment problem, braces can resolve it.

Crowded & Crooked Teeth

On top of the aesthetic issues that come with crooked and crowded teeth, you may struggle with brushing and flossing as effectively as you should. After straightening your teeth with braces, you should have an easier time maintaining good oral hygiene.

Gapped Teeth

In most cases, patients don’t like too much space being visible between the teeth. Braces can close any unsightly gaps.

Caring for Your Braces

Young boy smiling with traditional metal braces in Lake Zurich, IL

It is especially crucial to keep your teeth free of cavities and gum disease while you have braces because these issues can interfere with the orthodontic process. To help your smile stay in excellent condition, our in-house orthodontist can advise you on how to brush effectively with braces and clean around the wires.

In addition, you should take necessary steps to protect braces from physical damage by avoiding hard, sticky, or crunchy foods that might break the brackets or wires. Also, if you participate in sports, we recommend getting a customized mouthguard to accommodate your braces and absorb a hit to the face.

With straight teeth, you can create a smile lasting a lifetime through braces!  Let Grand Dental – Lake Zurich’s orthodontic team lead the way and schedule a consultation today.