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Is My Emergency Dentist the Right Person to See for Facial Swelling?

December 26, 2023

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woman suffering from swelling in her face

Facial swelling is a common symptom when dealing with a dental injury. Anytime sudden pain or pressure is applied to an area of the mouth, swelling can occur. Even a severe infection can cause inflammation. But when should you see an emergency dentist and when should you visit the emergency room? This article will help to answer this question.

What Can Cause Facial Swelling?

There are several reasons why you might begin to notice facial swelling when dealing with a dental emergency. These might include:

  • A severe infection (abscessed tooth) that forms when bacteria reach the pulp, and the infection continues to spread
  • A broken or fractured jawbone
  • A sinus infection
  • Salivary gland infection

The best course of action in this case is to seek help as soon as possible.

Emergency Room or Emergency Dentist: Where Should You Go For Help?

There are a few key points to remember when it comes to facial swelling. First, you should expect to go to your local emergency room if your facial swelling is increasing and making it difficult for you to swallow or breathe. You will receive immediate medical attention, which will allow you to then see a dental professional for further help.

In all other situations, you are best cared for by an emergency dentist. The time, the skill, and the ability to treat some of the most serious cases of facial swelling should be left to someone who is an expert in the dental field.

If you go to the ER for help with an abscessed tooth or salivary gland infection, you’ll be required to wait hours in the lobby and only receive medication to help reduce any pain.

Seeing a qualified emergency dentist will ensure that the problem is addressed completely. With diagnostic imaging, effective restorative treatment, and post-op detailed instructions, you can expect a successful recovery without having to wait copious amounts of time at the ER.

Can Facial Swelling Be Reduced at Home?

Yes, it is possible to reduce your facial swelling at home while waiting to see your emergency dentist. You can not only use a cold compress but also take anti-inflammatory medication and keep your head elevated while lying down.

Facial swelling is a serious symptom that should not be avoided or neglected. Make sure to contact your emergency dentist for help or visit your local ER if the matter requires immediate medical attention.

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