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Get Relief From the Pain: Why You Should See Your Emergency Dentist Instead of Visiting the ER

April 15, 2024

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young woman with a dental emergency

Most people assume that when faced with a dental emergency, the ER is the best place to go. With so many doctors and nurses available to help with the pain, it seems like the right decision. However, the truth is that while they’re helpful for broken bones and other similar problems, seeing an emergency dentist for a chipped or knocked-out tooth is the better option. Read on to find out why an oral healthcare professional is the best person for addressing common dental injuries.

Should You Visit the ER for Any Dental Injuries?

There are a few instances when it is recommended that a person seek immediate medical attention at their local ER. These include:

  • The individual has suffered a broken or fractured jaw.
  • The person is having difficulty breathing because of swelling that will not go down.
  • The patient’s bleeding has not ceased after 10 minutes.

These are considered situations that are worthy of an ER visit; however, it’s important to know that only immediate care will be provided. Doctors can help reduce pain and address the existing problem (i.e., swelling, bleeding), but further treatment to fix the underlying cause will need to be performed by a trusted dental expert.

Why Visiting an Emergency Dentist is Best

Whether it is a knocked-out, chipped, cracked, or sensitive tooth that is the problem or a lost dental crown, a nagging toothache, or chronic jaw pain, these are all common dental emergencies that can be treated inside a dentist’s office.

While many patients feel panicked when one or more of the situations arise, allowing an oral healthcare professional to examine and treat these issues will not only save a person a lot of time but also money.

Apart from the fact that patients can expect their wait to be significantly reduced when visiting an emergency dentist, they also can expect to receive complete, comprehensive care.

Something most individuals are unaware of is that it is actually illegal for doctors to perform any kind of tooth extraction, root canal, or other similar procedure if they are not licensed dental professionals. This is why only the symptoms a person is experiencing are addressed at a local ER. Any additional treatment must be provided by a dentist.

When dealing with a dental emergency, time is of the essence, so instead of driving to the ER for help, let a qualified dental professional provide the care that is desperately needed.

About Grand Dental – Lake Zurich
At Grand Dental – Lake Zurich, emergency dentistry is something we know our patients need. When an accident happens, we aim to be available so that we can minimize pain as quickly as possible. If you or a loved one is thinking about going to the ER for help, visit our website or call (847) 443-3953 to learn why it’s better to schedule an appointment with our team so that we can get you the care you need.