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Age One Dental Visit – Lake Zurich, IL

Early Care for Lifelong Smiles

Has your child seen a dentist yet? If they already have their teeth, then they’re already at risk for cavities. You certainly don’t want to risk cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems forming in your little one’s mouth just because you waited for too long to begin professional dental care. Before your child’s first birthday, we recommend that your schedule an Age One Visit at Grand Dental – Lake Zurich. All of our kind and caring team members will put their skills to good use while also making sure that your little one receives personalized care that leaves them feeling truly comfortable. If need be, we can also set up an appointment with Grand Dental Group’s pediatric specialist for care that truly fully addresses your child’s needs. Call us today to set up an appointment.

Learn How We Approach Age 1 Visits

Why Choose Grand Dental – Lake Zurich for an Age One Dental Visit?

Why Schedule an Age One Dental Visit?

Little boy brushing his teeth with pink toothbrush

Why do the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend having a visit by the age of one? Simply put, it’s because tooth decay is one of the most widespread childhood diseases even though it can be prevented with regular checkups and good oral cleanings. More than half of children with baby teeth are suffering from at least one cavity, and the risk for the condition begins as soon as the teeth break through the gums and become exposed to harmful bacteria, acids, and anything else that can damage the enamel. Delaying professional dental care is simply giving oral bacteria more time to form cavities that could eventually compromise the entire tooth. As such, an Age One Appointment should ideally be scheduled within six months of the first tooth erupting – long before severe oral health issues have a chance to develop.

What Happens During an Age One Visit?

Little girl about to receive a dental cleaning

While an age-appropriate examination of the mouth and a gentle cleaning are naturally important parts of the initial visit, we will also put a significant amount of emphasis on helping your child feel as comfortable as possible so that they come to think of the dentist’s office as a place where they can feel safe. Over the course of the visit, we can give you tips for taking care of your child’s smile at home with improved cleaning techniques and dietary decisions.

What are the Benefits of Early Dental Care?

Mother helping blonde little girl brush her teeth

Children who start seeing the dentist early on are less likely to experience tooth decay and toothaches – and consequently have a lower risk of experiencing a dental emergency later in life. This means you won’t be pulling them out of school as often for dental appointments, and you won’t be spending as much on dental care in general. Oral health issues are always far easier – and less costly – to manage when they’re addressed as early as possible.

Learn About The Benefits of Early Dental Care